Domestic travel

I will update this with photos and videos as i travel from state to state.

I have had some stunning trips to places around Australia in the past, and i now have the opportunity to see a lot more of this country. Like a lot of people, my overseas travel has been restricted, so i will join the hoards of retired people that are living their dream, we are called the Grey Nomads.

It is our challenge to spend the kids inheritance, to live the kind of life we saw in our dreams. Its not the kind of life that is right for everyone. You have to have a thirst for knowledge and adventure, and not be afraid to meet life head on. I am not running away from anything, more like running towards something, something unknown, something just around the corner, or in the next campsite. As someone once said to me, “when you come to a fork in the road, take it” i used to wonder what the hell that meant, but now i understand! I know that not all who wonder are lost.

Brooklyn N.S.W 4/7/2021

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