One Day. One Life. One Dream. This one is mine. I call it Daysdream!

Hello, my name is Graham Day.

They say “if you never have a dream, you will never have a dream come true”. Well this blog is about my dream, so i have called it Daysdream. The aim of this blog is to let others know how my dream is working out. To inform you through pictures, video’s and a few written commentaries about the travels i have done since retiring from working life.

When i retired from work, i was living on the upper North Shore in Sydney Australia. I spent just over 14 years living in Sydney, after living in Victoria for 20 years.

I have two children, a daughter called Sarah, and a son Called Phillip. I have three Beautiful granddaughters, Issy, Lilly, and Tori

I once had a dream, a dream that i was a nomad, so I bought a brand new caravan, and i bought a brand new van to tow it with. I hitched it up, i sorted it out, and the next chapter in my life had begun. This is a big change from my usual lifestyle of 3 bedroom houses and nice gardens.

The following pages are my attempts to document my travels and experiences.

I don’t know when it will end, or where it will end, or even if it will ever end, but i am going to ensure that i make the most of my remaining days on this earth.

So come with me on a journey. Come and share my dream. Daysdream.

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