Overseas travel.

I have travelled to quite a few overseas countries in the past, and i look forward to going overseas again as soon as that is possible. I will update this section on overseas travels as soon as this planet is free of the Covid 19 Virus and we are all free to move around again.Continue reading “Overseas travel.”

Domestic travel

I will update this with photos and videos as i travel from state to state. I have had some stunning trips to places around Australia in the past, and i now have the opportunity to see a lot more of this country. Like a lot of people, my overseas travel has been restricted, so iContinue reading “Domestic travel”


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About Me

Born in England, and emigrated to Australia in 1988.

Upon retirement, i purchased a new caravan and tow vehicle and set of to explore as much of Australia as i could.

Overseas travel will be high on the list of things to do when we overcome the Corona Virus restrictions.

One of 6 kids born in Birmingham, i still have the sense of adventure that was created growing up.

Some say you only live once…False! You live everyday. You only die once.

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